Investing in Yourself as a Designer

There are thousands of books, articles, websites, webinars and other resources available to grow in the instructional design and eLearning field. One thing we, as designers, all have in common is time. Many of us are challenged by this and have a lack of it due to work and other priorities that take precedence. As you already know, it takes time to really enhance your skills and being intentional about investing in professional development. Listed below are a few resources that will aid in helping you grow professionally.

1. Instructional Design Guru App

A designer that has been in the field for many years and has published books, a podcast, and an app is Connie Malamed. She currently works as a consultant, speaker and facilitator for instructional and visual design. Instructional Design Guru is a reference and performance support app. The app is a quick reference for instructional designers and others in the field. It offers over 400 key terms including categories such as instructional design, multimedia, and more. There is a small fee for the app.

2. Courses and Tutorials on

It is a subscription based resource that has courses and video tutorials in different subject matter areas such as business, technology, software and creative skills. They offer 47 courses and over 1,400 tutorials in Instructional Design. Each course varies as far as length of time it takes to complete. The courses are geared for enhancing your skill set and professional goals. You can try it out with their trial version for 30 days with no costs involved.


Educause is an online resource for professionals in the higher education IT community. It offers email subscriptions, webinars, conferences and other related events. The EDUCAUSE Library provides articles and research related to various topics including teaching and learning. For a quick read, you can subscribe to receive articles and resources on a monthly and weekly basis to find out the latest trends and hot topics.

4. Podcasts

When crunched for time, podcasts offer information in a quick, on-the-go format that you can fit into your busy schedule. Trends & Issues in Instructional Design, Educational Technology and Learning Sciences offers a weekly podcast related to trends and hot topics in ID and feature information regarding upcoming events. Instruction by Design is conducted by ID’s from Academic Innovation regarding topics on course design, pedagogy and educational technology. The team is a part of the Arizona State University.




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