Using Creative Commons to License Your Work

Creative Commons is a beautiful thing for students, teachers, designers, and everyone in between. Creative Commons allows people to share their content with others while getting the choice as to how it can be distributed. When you start talking to people about copyright and copyright laws, their eyes glaze over and they mentally check out. However, most people who have used CC-licensed content know how beneficial it can be. But do most people know how easy it is to license their own material?

The first step is to choose which license you want to use for your work. Here’s a handy graphic to better understand what is available:

cc licenses

Do you know the license you want to use? Perfect, now all you have to do is navigate to the License Chooser on the Creative Commons website, click a few buttons, copy the HTML code, insert it onto your work, and bam! You now have licensed your work as Creative Commons to be shared by millions of people.

Remember, sharing is caring!

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